Monday, 7 December 2009

Book Review

Book review on “Bulgarian crime bosses: Georgi Iliev”

This is a biographical book about the great Bulgarian crime boss Georgi Iliev. It is written in third person and is created from the point of an observer which collected many different stories. Thus there are many different viewpoints from which the book is created and this makes it exciting and interesting for the reader. Also the language of the book is simple and easy to understand. As a whole the action in the book is based on the sequence of events all occupying and connected to Georgi Iliev. In the beginning there is an introduction with his childhood and early years in the mob society. The real story and meaning of the novel is to show his interrelationship and part of the Bulgarian crime business. The story continues with the mafia that he created and all the illegal transactions and deals which he sealed, the newly formed factories and companies made for laundering the money. Drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, insurance agencies, road companies, restaurants, shops, are some of the many areas that the mob boss had established himself. He built an entire empire within the state and had an extremely high position in the community. He even had control over some of the politicians and had connections in the police departments. Thus, his power in Bulgaria became unlimited. However, as every crime boss, he had a lot of enemies and eventually he was killed by an assassin. The whole book is filled with details and is based on the information taken by a numeral interviews from a huge variety of people, either in the crime world, or not. The book follows a certain pattern of events which occur in different places not only throughout Bulgaria, but around the world. The characters are not fiction and their personalities and deeds aren't imaginary, but real.This is one of the most intriguing aspects about the book, that everything happening in it is true and is supported by factology and evidences.The book Is very interesting and people should read it not only because it tells the story of the greatest crime boss in Bulgaria, but because it reveals how corruption and money can built an entire empire in the state having no limits in their power.

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