Monday, 30 November 2009

Heaven is down on earth

To walk on the beach, to run on a magical road in the forest, to pass through a field filled with flowers... To walk on a street vivified by laughter, to live in a world full of delight… Then, you do not need the Garden of Eden. Heaven is down on earth – right here, right now. I believe in true happiness; I believe in real love as well. I believe in faith – man’s most incredible gift from God. I believe that heaven is here – on Earth, but to live in Heaven, we need to realize that it does exist. If man learns how to see the beautiful in the ugly, to embrace happiness in moments of unbearable grief, to feel the fiery love hidden behind hate and bitter anger, then he will understand what is like to be in Heaven. He will be blessed. According to a Thailand philosophy hate, anger and fear are familiar to the weak. Whoever is feeling them does not know happiness, his spirit will be miserable forever. I truly believe that for such people there is no heaven. If you do not see the good for yourself, if you do not appreciate beauty on your own, there is no one that can show them to you; as well as no one to teach you how to hope or love. Namely love and hope are our ticket to heaven; in other words, hope stops us on the way to unhappiness and love points us in the right direction to heaven. The beautiful feeling that you feel when you are in love, the feeling that makes your stomach feel strange, is familiar to many: the feeling that you can fly, that the one you are in love with is perfect, that the world is perfect… And if you do not feel you are in heaven then there is nobody that can help you. The dimensions of love are not limited to falling in love. Loving your parents and friends also makes you happy because you know that even if something terrible happens, you have somebody to count on; you know that everything will be just fine.
To be in heaven means to be happy. Different people experience happiness in different ways. For some maybe happiness is weighted in the amount of food and beer, for others – reading a good book or appreciating art and nature. But EVERY single person on this world, wearing a skirt from hay dancing around a fire or an astronaut costume, needs love and hope that tomorrow the world will be just a little bit wiser , just a little bit more beautiful. For me, heaven is not a space with margins where man has all he desires. Heaven is not somewhere in the future- after death, after catharsis, or after the Judjement Day. Heaven is right here and right now but in order to enjoy it you need to realize that first.

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